SpeediCath® Compact Male


Product description

Designed for discretion, SpeediCath Compact Male is approximately half the size of standard intermittent catheters and features a “non-medical, discreet design. Its compact design makes SpeediCath Compact Male more convenient to store, carry and dispose of without compromising ease of use.

SpeediCath Compact Male has a unique hydrophilic coating and polished eyelets designed to reduce friction, increase comfort, and minimize the risk of urethral damage.


The benefits of SpeediCath Compact Male:

  • The most compact catheter for men yet
  • Easy “no-touch” insertion
  • 100% re-sealable after use
  • Its unique hydrophilic coating makes it instantly ready to use
  • Being PVC and phthalate-free limits the environmental impact


Product name Item Number Eaches/Box
SpeediCath Compact Male 28702 20