Leg Bag Strap Urocare® 17 to 23 Inch Long, Medium, 2 Inch Wide, Fabric, Hook and Loop

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Urocare Fitz-All Universal Fabric Leg Bag Straps secure disposable urine bags, such as the Urocare Leg Bag to your leg for maximum comfort and discretion. The unique design of the Urocare Fitz-All Leg Bag Straps allows it to distribute pressure evenly along the length of the strap.

The soft fabric of these straps reduces the risk of circulation restriction, bruising, pulled hair, pressure sores, and burns, which are common with the use of rubber straps. The Urocare Fitz-All Universal Catheter Leg Bag Strap includes a self-gripping fastener that can be adjusted along the length of the strap body to match each individuals needs. They are available in three sizes: small (13-20 inch), medium (17-23 inch), and large (21-30 inch). These straps are non-sterile, latex-free, can be used to secure most disposable vinyl leg bags.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable and Discreet
  • Evenly Distributes Pressure
  • Self-Gripping Fastener
  • Compatible with Most Vinyl Leg Bags
  • Prevents Pulled Hair and Pressure Sores