Esteem synergy® Adhesive Coupling Technology™ Convex Moldable Durahesive® Skin Barrier

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The Esteem synergy® ostomy system features an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™. Instead of plastic rings, a patented foam adhesive allows the pouch to be securely attached to the skin barrier on a clear plastic “Landing Zone” flange. The result is a low profile, flexible, two-piece system. Convex is good for people with a recessed or flat stoma. Moldable allows for improved skin protection over traditional barriers.


  • Durahesive® Technology has a unique combination of naturally derived hydrocolloids tp provide long lasting, skin friendly protection but still remain kind on removal.
  • Durahesive® Skin Barrier provides added protection from liquid output. Durahesive® Skin Barriers will turtleneck or gently swell up and hug the stoma, better protecting the skin around your stoma.
  • Built in convexity provides extra protection for recessed, retracted or flush stomas. Convexity pushes against the abdomen causing the stoma to protrude.
  • White fabric collar increases flexibility.
  • Starter hole rolls back to create opening for stoma.
  • Clear, flexible lending zone securely attaches skin barrier to flexible foam collar of pouch.