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Urocare Uro-Safe Disposable Leg Bag features the first-ever built-in silicone inlet valve, ensuring consistent flow and incident-free use. Uro-Safe employs a unique self-cleaning flutter valve system that helps to prevent dangerous backflow, reducing bladder distention, and the risk of infection. Previous systems used a plastic flutter valve that extended into the bag. When strapped to the leg, the valve would pinch shut, causing a backup of urine which can result in serious health issues. Urocare Uro-Safe Vinyl Leg Bag has a kink-proof inlet valve and reinforced strap eyelets designed to eliminate dangerous and embarrassing situations that often occur with other Leg Bags. If you find twisting to be an increasingly difficult task for your fingers to manage, Uro-Safe offers a thumb-operated tube clamp as an alternative. The bag is constructed of soft, transparent vinyl with a discreet opaque-white vinyl back and individually packaged along with 2 latex-free leg straps in a peel-apart sterile pouch. The Uro-Safe Leg Bag with twist drain comes in 2 sizes: 18 ounce, (Urocare 76180) or 32 ounce, (Urocare 76320). Uro-Safe with thumb clamp comes in a 32 ounce bag (Urocare 77321) only.


Features and Benefits

  • Built-in silicone inlet valve to ensure uninterrupted flow
  • Prevents back flow
  • Reduces distention and possible infections
  • Interference-free flutter valve is virtually self-cleaning
  • Kink-free inlet valve
  • Reinforced strap eyelets
  • Choose between twist-type drain valve and thumb operated tube clamp
  • 2 latex-free leg straps included