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Are you searching for a location to purchase catheters in Colorado Springs or order one online? Elevation Medical Supply provides a variety of catheter types both through our store location and online ordering, including Foley catheters, straight catheters, and intermittent catheters. Our specialists will find you a catheter that best fits your body and your lifestyle. Everybody is different and not everyone is comfortable using the same type of catheter.


What is a catheter?

A catheter is a flexible tube used for removing excess fluid from the body, usually the bladder. There are several different types of catheters and catheter tips including:

  • Straight catheters
  • Foley catheters
  • Olive tip
  • Tiemann tip
  • Standard Coude tip


A straight tip catheter is commonly used as an intermittent catheter, meaning once the bladder is drained, the catheter is removed immediately and discarded. A Foley catheter is inserted into the bladder and a small balloon is inflated to hold the catheter in place. Some people find a curved or angled tip catheter works better and is less painful for self-cathing than a straight tip catheter.


When do you need to use a catheter?

There are a variety of situations that would call for the use of a catheter, including:

  • Urinary incontinence (unable to control the flow of urine)
  • Urinary retention (inability to empty the bladder when needed)
  • Post-surgical (unable to travel from bed to bathroom after surgery)
  • Post-partum (confined to a bed or unable to travel from bed to bathroom for one or more days after a difficult birth or cesarean section)
  • Confined to a wheelchair or otherwise immobile (paralysis or other physical limitation that causes an inability to either control urine or travel to a bathroom)


Whatever the reason you need a catheter, we can help. Elevation Medical Supply offers several catheter types and a variety of urological supplies. If you have questions about length, size or type of catheter please give us a call! Order your straight tip intermittent catheter and Foley catheter from our Colorado Springs store location by placing your order online or come into our store for a free consultation today!